Department of State Development

Investment Attraction South Australia leads the State Government’s efforts in pursuing investment from both overseas and interstate companies.

The agency’s mandate is to capture foreign direct investment - investment which creates high value-adding industries and sustainable jobs.

Investment Attraction South Australia works with investors to:

  • provide a dedicated point of contact for all project requirements
  • ensure they  have the best support to expedite a project in what may be a new city
  • simplify dealings with government and other business partners to streamline the path to a secure investment
  • provide policy and regulatory assistance to accelerate investments
  • help access the State’s skilled local workforce, ensuring investors are connected to professionals who can deliver results.

A dynamic, customer-focussed agency, Investment Attraction South Australia get things moving quickly for businesses and can tailor support that makes investment plans happen.

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For investment opportunities in South Australia, contact:

Investment Attraction South Australia
GPO Box 320
Adelaide, South Australia 5001
Phone +61 8 8303 2432